Sinopec Water Resistant Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease is a premium multipurpose grease ideal for marine environments, suspension bridges, automotive or other applications exposed to salt conditions when a extreme pressure and wide temperature range is needed. Excellent structural stability, long services life and excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation to protect machinery from wear and tear. Appearance is brown and smooth and buttery. Operating temperatures between –5°F to +355°F. Dropping Point of 625°F.
Features & Benefits

· Excellent high temperature performance. Maintain certain degree of consistency even at high temperature and have long service life.

· Outstanding EP and anti-wear properties. The spherical thickener can form micro-rolling particle layer on contact surface, effectively reduce friction coefficient between metal surface and extend service life.

· Excellent rust and corrosion resistant property. Resist metal surface corrosion even with seawater presented.

· Do not contain any heavy metal, nitrite and other chemicals that will do harm to human’s health and pollute environment.

Technical specification

· Meets the following performance specification: Q/SH303 324—2004


· It is suitable for roll bearing at hot rolling mill in metallurgical industry, continuous casting equipments, such as ladle turret, mould, the second cooling area, sector section, withdrawal straightening machine roll bearing, rocking shears and transportation roll etc.

· Application temperature range: -20ºC to 160ºC.

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