API Certified DEF Fluid in 275-330 Gallon Totes Bulk. (PRICE: $695.00) FREE Shipping,  FREE Delivery, ISO standard 22241 to insure fluid quality of diesel exhaust fluid.

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Compliance: Hazardous Material Restricted Product SDS; Container Size: 275-330 gal; Container Type: Tote; Physical Form: Liquid; Type: Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Bulk DEF Tanks, Stackable DEF Totes and Portable DEF Storage Systems. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)


Includes a 275-330 Gallon Tote System
Featuring a Non Toxic Solution of 67.5-Percent Purified Water and 32.5-Percent Ultra Pure Automotive Grade Urea
Meets ISO Standards 22241 for Purity and Composition
An American Petroleum Institute (API) Certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Improve Fuel Economy By Up To Five Percent While Reducing Exhaust Emissions