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Prices 55 Gallon Drum HD ISO-32-46-68-220-320-460-680

HD oils are formulated with premium base oils and available in ISO grades 32, 46, 68, 220, 320, 460, 680. 

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55Gal. (Price: $325.00) Hydraulic Oil-Fluid HD ISO 32,46,68 Hydraulic Oil 

55Gal. (Price: $475.00) HD Industrial Oil ISO 220, 320, 460, 680 Gear Box Oil 


AW – Stand for Anti-Wear; also protects against Rust & Oxidation, and contains AntiFoam additives for HD applications.



    For use in many applications, where an universal high performance anti-wear lubricants and high operating reliability is the only option:
    Plastic molding machinery, metal working machine tools, construction equipment, compacting and bailing machines, material handling equipment, sanitation vehicles, hydraulic elevators, presses and numerous other types of hydraulically powered devices and machines.

     The following chart may be used to cross over some of the more common brands of hydraulic fluid
    Hydraulic AW 32
    Hydraulic Oil Light
    DTE 24
    ETNA 24
    DTE Excel 32
    DTE 23
    DTE 12M
    DTE 13M
    Hydraulic Oil 13
    AW Hydraulic 32
    Tellus 32
    Tellus 25
    Tellus 927
    Tellus Plus 22
    Tellus T 32
    Tellus S 32
    AW Hydraulic HD 32
    AW Machine Oil 32
    AW Machine Oil 32
    Rykon Oil AW 32
    Rykon Oil 32
    Clarity Hydraulic AW 32
    Univis J-26
    Univis N-32
    Humble Hydraulic 1193
    Humble Hydraulic H32
    Humble Hydraulic H34
    Nuto H44
    Terrastic EP 32
    Phillips 66/Conoco
    Super Hydraulic MV 32 SAE5W20
    Super Hydraulic 32 SAE10W ISO 32
    Ecoterra 32 SAE10, ISO 32
    Rando HD 32
    Rando HDZ 32
    Rando HD Ashless
    Hydraulic AW 46
    Hydraulic Oil Medium
    DTE 25
    ETNA 25
    Hydrex AW 46
    NS 46
    Vacrex 46
    AW Hydraulic 46
    Tellus 29
    Tellus 46
    Tellus 929
    Tellus Plus 46
    MD Hydraulic Oil
    AW 46
    AW Hydraulic Oil 46
    AW Machine Oil 46
    EP Industrial Oil 46
    EP Machine Oil 11
    Hydraulic Oil 46
    Rykon Oil AW 46
    Humble Hydraulic 1194
    Humble Hydraulic H46
    Humble Hydraulic M46
    Nuto H46
    Nuto H48
    Phillips 66/Conoco
    Super Hydraulic 46 SAE10W ISO46
    Rando HD 46
    Hydraulic Oil AW 68
    Hydraulic Oil Heavy Medium
    DTE 26
    ETNA 26
    AW Hydraulic 68
    Tellus 33
    Tellus 68
    Tellus 933
    Tellus Plus 68
    AW Hydraulic Oil 68
    AW Machine Oil 68
    EP Machine Oil 68
    EP Machine Oil 70
    Humble Hydraulic 1197
    Humble Hydraulic H68
    Nuto H54
    Nuto H68
    Phillips 66
    Mega Flow AW Hydraulic 68
    Rando HD 68


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