Sinopec ELS GL-5 75W/140 Synthetic Limited Slip Gear Oil is a high- performance gear oil, formulated with synthetic base oils and an advanced multifunctional additive system. Designed especially to lubricate Eaton EGD limited slip differential, meets the requirements of API GL-5 and is approved for use by the Eaton Vehicle Group.


Sinopec ELS GL-5 75W/140 Synthetic Limited Slip Gear Oil is suitable for use in:

  •   Axle applications under severe extreme pressure and shock-loading service conditions, where API GL-5 performance is required.

  •   Axles with Eaton EGD (EGerodisc Differentials) limited slip differentials.

    Features and benefits

  •   Specific frictional characteristics designed meet the special lubrication requirements of limited slip differentials.

  •   Excellent extreme pressure and antiwear performance protects gears from abrasion and wear, even in severe high-

    load and shock-loading conditions, extending component life.

  •   Excellent thermal and oxidation stability minimise the build up of deposits, reducing wear, extending component life,

    and ensuring longer oil life.

  •   Protection against corrosion and rusting extends equipment life, and reduces maintenance costs.

  •   Excellent low-temperature fluidity ensures optimum lubrication, even in cold start-up conditions, and prevents start-up


  •   Good antifoaming properties ensure optimum oil film thickness, protecting components against wear.

  •   Fully compatible with common seal materials, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.