(Price: $1,500.00) ISO-320 FULL SYNTHETIC EP INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBE are designed to be used in all industrial gearboxes. They are effective in gearboxes that suffer extremes of temperature or load and in worm gear drives. They are made with premium quality PAO Full Synthetic Group 4 base stocks and the finest additives available. Our synthetic base stocks offer Lubricity protection and low temperature benefits that cannot be achieved with petroleum oils. The wear protection we provide is superior to conventional gear lubricants.

Enjoy Free Shipping. Sinopec PAO Synthetic Gear Oil is made with a polyaphaelefin (PAO) base stock for superior performance and long service life for severe heavy duty enclosed gears. Extended drain intervals increase savings by decrease maintenance costs over time. Especially useful in the steel, mill and paper, mining, power and cement industries.