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Product Description: MOLY EP LITHIUM GREASE is a smooth textured high melting point, water resistant lithium base grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide (moly) to reduce wear by maintaining lubrication under conditions of high friction and shock loads.
Multi-purpose grease with numerous uses.
Water and heat resistant.
Moly will continue to provide lubrication after grease has been displaced.
Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surfaces.
NLGI Certified LB in chassis applications.
Typical Uses:
Used as chassis lubrication in wheel bearings, ball joints, control arms, steering linkage, pedal shafts, and spring shackles, for extended lubrication intervals recommended by most car manufacturers.
Ideal chassis lubricant for trucks, and construction equipment operating in heavy duty service.
Recommended for heavily loaded journal bearings in rock crushing plants and industrial plants.
Commonly used as a “fifth wheel” lubricant for trucks as moly will continue to provide protection after grease has been displaced.
Used for greasing slides and ways.