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Water Resistant Grease, NLGI 2 - 120LB. (16 GALLON) KEG

Sinopec Water Resistant Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease is a premium multipurpose grease ideal for marine environments, suspension bridges, automotive or other applications exposed to salt conditions when a extreme pressure and wide temperature range is needed. Excellent structural stability, long services life and excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation to protect machinery from wear and tear.

Superior water resistance, even in salt water, will ensure continued sealing and protection
Ideal for wheel bearings, headsets, shock linkages, swingarm pivots and other motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and marine chassis lubrication points
Enhanced mechanical stability and special anti-wear additives protect and lubricate bearings for improved performance

Appearance is brown and smooth and buttery. Operating temperatures between –5°F to +355°F. Dropping Point of 625°F.

Certifications: NLGI 2

Pack Size: 120LB. (16 Gallon) Keg

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Price: $470.00