PRICES: 35lb-5-Gallon-Pail-Buket-$65.00 | 120lb-16-Gallon-Keg-$199.00 | 55-Gallon-400lb-Drum-Barrel-$600.00 | FREE SHIPPING | 

Sinopec Red Grease, Drum, 400 lb., NLGI Grade 2, Color Red, Temp. Range, Flash Point, Dropping Point, Lithium Grease
Hi-Temp Red Grease is a NLGI 2, lithium premium quality, range of Heavy-Duty/Fleet applications including wheel bearings (disc and drum) Hi-Temp Grease is a high-temperature, lithium grease

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Premium wheel bearing Red Grease for wheel bearings with disc brakes than those with conventional drum brakes.