AW Hydraulic Oil, ISO Grade 68, 55-Gal Drum | $499.00 PRICE - FREE SHIPPING | aw-hydraulic-oil-iso-grade Hydraulic Oil-Fluid AW-ISO-32-46-68 For Sale in Bulk Wholesale Price 55-Gallon Drum Barrel AW-ISO Fluid - - ISO Grade 32-46-68 in 55 Gallon Drum - SHIPS FAST. In Stock, Ships Nationwide! Size 55 Gallon Drum Hydraulic fluid ISO Grade 32-46-68 Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil L-HM is a line of premium quality antiwear lubricants blended using selected and carefully refined high-quality mineral oils, combined with a multifunctional additive system and available in a wide viscosity range from ISO Grade 32,46,68. This line of oils has been designed to meet the requirements of major hydraulic pump manufacturers, and its applications include hydraulic systems used in industrial and marine applications as well as in mobile machinery.