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AW 32-46-68 Hydraulic Oil | $25.00 | 5-GAL-Pail-Bucket | ISO-Grade-32-46-68

(5Gal-25.00-Free Shipping) 5-Gallon AW-32-46-68 Hydraulic Oil for Sale, SAE Grade 10-15-20, ISO Viscosity Grade 32-46-68, Viscosity SUS 100 Degrees Fahrenheit, Flash Point Degrees Fahrenheit, Pour Point. Container Size : 5-Gallon Pail-Bucket. Product Application: High Speed, High Pressure Vane & Gear, Hydraulic Pumps & Axial Piston.



Sinopec L-HM Cross reference:

Hydraulic Oil AW, Hydraulic Oil Heavy Medium Light, DTE, ETNA 


AW Hydraulic, Tellus, Plus 


AW Hydraulic Oil, AW Machine Oil, EP Machine Oil 


DTE, Humble Hydraulic, Humble Hydraulic H, Nuto H

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