Extended Life Antifreeze-Coolant 55-Gallon Drum (Shop-Sale-Price-Bulk)

(55Gal-$395.00-Free Shipping) Sinopec YF-2A Compare to: Chevron Delo Extended Life Coolant, CAT ELC, Shell HD Ultra ELC

Product description
Sinopec Engine Coolant YF-2A is an Extended Life

This product contains no amines, borates, nitrites, phosphates or silicates, and is suitable for use as a coolant

and antifreeze in the radiator systems of all types of internal combustion engines. This coolant is pre-diluted 50/50.


Sinopec Engine Coolant YF-2A is suitable for use in:

  • Radiator systems of petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG-fuelled engines in passenger cars, trucks and buses.

  • Radiator systems of modern aluminium alloy engines.

  • Radiator systems of diesel engines fitted with cast iron cylinder liners.

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