Hydraulic Fluid Recommendations - Eaton selects Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil approved and recomended by EATON  http://english.sinolube.com/about_us/quality_assurance/Products_Approvals/OEM_Customers/20140401/32380.shtml

Product Data Sheet and MSDS available at  http://buysinopec.com/collections/hydraulics


Fluid Selection

Premium grade petroleum based hydraulic fluids will provide the best performance in Eaton hydraulic components. These fluids typically contain additives that are beneficial to hydraulic systems. Eaton recommends fluids that contain anti-wear agents, rust inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, and oxidation inhibitors. Premium grade petroleum based hydraulic fluids carry an ISO VG rating.


Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids

For general hydraulic service, Eaton recom- mends the use of mineral base anti-wear (AW) hydraulic oils meeting Eaton specification E-FDGN-TB002-E.

Eaton requests that fluid suppliers test newly developed lubricants on Eaton 35VQ25A high- pressure vane pump, according to Eaton ATS- 373 test procedure, ASTM D 6973 test method and meet other requirements of the Eaton specification E-FDGN- TB002-E. Lubricants meeting the Eaton specification are considered good quality anti-wear hydraulic fluids that can be used with Eaton components at maximum allowable operating conditions. They offer superior protection against pump wear and long service life.