Sinopec Tulux Motor Oil - OEM for Mercedes-Benz Recommended

Sinopec Tulux 15W-40 Multigrade engine oils ( Mercedes-Benz Specification ) Sinopec Tulux Motor Oil product has been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz. SINOPEC TULUX T600 TULUX T500 Lubricant Company, Sinopec Corp.

"Sinopec TULUX "diesel engine gets the certification of Mercedes-Benz Heavy Duty Trucks. The certified product could meet the rigid requirements for OEM by Mercedes-Benz.

Sinopec Tulux 228.5 Multigrade engine oils (Specification 228.5)


Sinopec Tulux 229.3 Multigrade engine oils (Specification 229.3)


Sinopec Tulux 228.31 Multigrade engine oils (Specification 228.31)


229.5 Multigrade engine oils (Specification 229.5)

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