Hydraulic Oil AW-46 - 5 Gallon Bucket ($25.00)

BEST SELLER $25 Each - AW 46 Hydraulic Oil Fluid (ISO VG 46, SAE 15) - (36) 5 Gallon Pail Ships Fast.. Antiwear Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 46 is a premium midweight weight paraffinic based hydraulic oil, ideal for industrial applications or for the hydraulic systems in cold weather regions. It is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited oil with the added benefit of an antiwear additive package for protection. Approved for industrial applications requiring an ISO VG 46.

http://buysinopec.com/collections/premium-aw/products/aw-46-hydraulic-oil-fluid-iso-vg-46-sae-15-36-5-gallon-pail?variant=3137227908 http://www.samsclub.com/sams/

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