Hydraulic Fluid Oil ISO46 AW46 SAE10 (275 Gallon Tote Bulk)

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Sinopec L-HM 46 Hydraulic Fluid 275 Gallon Tote Cross Reference
Hydraulic AW 46
Hydraulic Oil Medium
DTE 25
Hydrex AW 46
NS 46
Vacrex 46
AW Hydraulic 46
Tellus 29
Tellus 46
Tellus 929
Tellus Plus 46
MD Hydraulic Oil
AW 46
AW Hydraulic Oil 46
AW Machine Oil 46
EP Industrial Oil 46
EP Machine Oil 11
Hydraulic Oil 46
Rykon Oil AW 46
Humble Hydraulic 1194
Humble Hydraulic H46
Humble Hydraulic M46
Nuto H46
Nuto H48
Phillips 66/Conoco
Super Hydraulic 46 SAE10W ISO46
Rando HD 46



For use in many applications, where an universal high performance anti-wear hydraulic fluid and high operating reliability is the only option:
Plastic molding machinery, metal working machine tools, construction equipment, compacting and bailing machines, material handling equipment, sanitation vehicles, hydraulic elevators, presses and numerous other types of hydraulically powered devices and machines.

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