Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota Motor) has very strict selection standards for its ancillary products. Lubricants accession has to pass the review of Toyota Motor according to its own standards.The engine lubricants that satisfy its requirements may access to its supply system.
Toyota Motor requires the engine lubricants to satisfy its current standard SK1500G and corresponding ILSAC specifications. In addition,Toyota Motor has also needed rubber test and put forth some special requirements such as chlorine content restrictions for different models. After many technical exchanges with Sinopec Lubricant Company, Toyota Motor sends the expert team to the production bases of Sinopec Lubricant Company in Beijing and Maoming respectively to do field survey and see into its production and R&D of lubricant. After that, Toyota Motor gives the evaluation of "Very Good" to the production security system and quality control system of Sinopec Lubricant Company.
In 2005, GAC Toyota Engine Co. Ltd. chose Sinopec’s lubricant products as its original filling lubricant in a competitive bidding. SM5W/30 TGMO has showed excellent performance for several years of utilization in some models including Camry. In 2006, GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. signed the lubricants supply agreement on special lubricants for after-sale service stations with Sinopec Lubricant Company. Sinopec Lubricant Company successfully accessed to Japanese car industrial chain. So far, the after-sale service lubricant supplied by Sinopec Lubricant Company for GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. has risen steadily.