Sinopec Oil Company


Automotive Lubricants

Gasoline Engine Oil Automative Gear Oil
Diesel Engine Oil Transmission Fluid
General Engine Oil Engine Coolant
Motorcycle Oil Brake Fluid
Gas Engine Oil Others
Railway Engine Oil
Special Synthetic Lubricants

High and Low Temperature Bearing Grease
Special Lube For Metallurgical Industry
Special Grease For Automobile Components
Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil
Special Lube-Sealant
Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Gear Oil Turbine Oil
Hydraulic Oil Transformer Oil
Compressor Oil Others
Refrigeration Compressor Oil

General Purpose Grease
Grease for Metallurgical Industry
Bearing Grease
Grease for Electric Tool
Marine Lubricants

Engine Oil-Crosshead Diesel
Engine Oil-Trunk Piston
Outboard Engine Oil
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