Approved Oils, Volvo Components

This Service Bulletin identifies the oil requirements and lists the companies offering oil types and qualities required for Volvo components.

See the engine types for recommended oil change intervals. The intervals do not cover all applications. In on/off highway driving, severe off-highway, continuous stop-and-go city driving and extremely high mileages, the oil change interval needs to be customized for the best protection and economy. Change all oil filters at each oil change.

Synthetic oils do not allow further extension of oil drain intervals. It is the contamination rate (i.e., soot and the depletion of ad- ditives) rather than base oil quality that determines the useful engine oil life and therefore the oil change intervals.

Note: Engines meeting the emissions requirements of 2007 and later are designed with exhaust aftertreatment systems re- quiring a new engine oil quality. This has lead Volvo to require an oil that meets VDS-4 quality standards for model year 2007 and later Volvo engines. The VDS-4 quality standard is based on the newly developed API CJ-4 engine oil specification, but has additional performance requirements essential to adequately protect the Volvo engines at the drain intervals specified. So, all oils listed in this bulletin also meet the API CJ-4 specification. Pre-2007 engines also work better with the above men- tioned oils, but are not required.