Look at the components:

  • Base oil type
  • Thickener type
  • Base oil viscosity.

Base Oil Viscosity

Most general-purpose grease will have a viscosity of ISO 460 or higher

Base Oil Type

Assess the conditions in which the grease will perform
  • High and/or low temperatures
  • Load and pressure (look for extreme pressure, anti-wear additives)

    Thickener Type

    The thickener is what holds the lubricant in place.

    • Must be compatible with the equipment manufacturer recommendations
    • Types of thickeners
      • Lithium
      • Lithium complex
      • Calcium sulfonate complex
      • Aluminum complex
      • Polyurea

      Consider the uses of grease

      • Cables
      • Plain bearings
      • Rolling-element bearings
      • Linear bearings
      • Ball screws
      • Slideways and seals