SAE40 Engine Oil FREE DELIVERY (55Gal. Price: $300.00) 40WT. API-CF (Low Ash Content) oil that far exceeds the 1% ash content with a content of 0.78%. 


• Excellent deposit control characteristics reduce the build up of combustion-chamber and valve-seat deposits and reduce piston-ring sticking, so minimizing engine wear and ensuring effective operation.

• Excellent lubricity and antiwear properties protect against engine wear and extend engine life.

• Excellent detergency to ensure engine components remain clean when running on a broad range of fuel types.

• Good oxidation stability ensures the oil will not thicken at high temperatures, and will stay in grade for longer.

• Balanced formulation reduces the consumption of engine oil.

• Suitable for mixed fleets so reduces inventory costs. change thus reducing maintenance costs.

• Fully compatible with common seal materials, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.