Application: Machinery, tools and equipment, break-in lubrication for bearings

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Color: RED

Container Size: 120 lb

Container Type: Keg

Material: Lithium NLGI

Grade: 2 | No.2 

Type: Multi-Purpose Grease

Working Temperature: 0°F - 385°F

Product Weight: 120 lbs. 

Applications: Recommended for machinery, tools and equipment, break-in lubrication for bearings. Ideal for open gears, hinges, cables, chains, latches, slide conveyors, overhead door tracks, guiderails, cams, pistons.Notes:Talon™ General Purpose Lithium Grease is a multipurpose lithium complex grease fortified with quality additives to meet a wide range of applications. Resists thinning in bearings, thereby minimizing leakage leading to extended long life.

  • Heat and Water Resistant
  • Contains Rust and Oxidation Inhibitors
  • Wide Range of applications
  • Additives Provide Superior Metal Protection