Product Details Model NO: L-HM 46 | Sale Price: $275.00 | Free Delivery | Hydraulic Fluid Oil #46   

Package: 55 Gallon Drum Barrel 
Type: Hydraulic Oil
Source: Liquid Mineral Lubricants
Composition: Anti-Wear
Property: Lublicating Oil
Certification: SAE, ACEA, JASO
Shape: Liquid
Application: Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant
Specification: L-HM
Name: Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil L-Hm 46# 
Quality Level: L-Hm
Viscosity Grade available: 32 46 68
Pack: Steel Drum
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Product Description

Anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM 46#  

 Top quality low price additive for hydraulic transmission lubricating oil
Product characteristics:
*  Perfect anti-wear performance,protect the hydraulic pump and valves
*  Excellent oxidation stability,cycle more than 3000 hours
*  Add special anti-wear agent,ensure all the hydraulic components work smoothly
*  Add multi effect preservative,protect variety of gear pumps, piston pumps, valves and cylinders,have good corrosion protection
*  Meet the stringent requirements of domestic and international pump and valve manufacturers
*  High cleanliness,hydraulic oil pass NAS8 level