Hydraulic Fluid Oil AW 32, 46, and 68:

• Meet major pump manufacturer requirements including Eaton-Vickers 35VQ25A for M-2950-S (Mobile) and I-286-S (Stationary), Parker Hannifin (Denison) HF0/HF2/T6H20C, and Bosch Rexroth Racine Model S

• Meet ASTM D6158 HM

• Meet DIN 51524-2

• Meet ISO 11158 L-HM

• Meet MAG Cincinnati, Cincinnati Machine specifications P-68 (ISO 32), P-70 (ISO 46), and P-69 (ISO 68)

• Are registered by NSF and are acceptable as lubricants where there is no possibility of food contact (H2) in and around food processing areas. The NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements of appropriate use, ingredient review and labeling verification.

Sinopec Hydraulic Oils AW are versatile lubricants available in ISO viscosity grades 32, 46 and 68. ISO 32, 46, and 68 grades are most commonly used for hydraulics with vane-, piston-, or gear-type pumps, especially where pressures exceed 1000 psi. They can also be used to lubricate lightly loaded reciprocating compressors.


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Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oil Cross Reference

Disclaimer: See below before using this cross-reference chart.

Phillips 66 Mobil Shell Chevron Exxon Texaco
Mega Flow HVI 32 SAE5W20 Hydraulic Oil 13
DTE 23
Tellus T 32 AW Hydraulic
HD 32
Humble Hydraulic 1193
Univis J-26
Univis N 32
Rando HDZ 32
Mega Flow AW Hydraulic 32 SAE10W,ISO32 Hydraulic AW32
Hydraulic Oil Light
DTE 24
AW Hydraulic 32
Tellus 25
Tellus 32
Tellus 927
Tellus Plus 22
AW Hydraulic Oil 32
AW Machine Oil 32
Rykon Oil AW 32
Rykon Oil 32
Humble Hydraulic 1193
Humble Hydraulic H32
Humble Hydraulic M32
Nuto H44
Rando HD 32
Mega Flow AW Hydraulic 46 SAE10W,ISO46 DTE25
Hydraulic Oil AW 46
Hydraulic Oil Medium
Hydrex AW46
Vacrex 46
AW Hydraulic 46
MD Hydraulic Oil AW 46
Tellus 29
Tellus 46
Tellus 929
Tellus Plus 46
AW Hydraulic Oil 46
AW Machine Oil 46
EP Industrial Oil 46X
EP Machine Oil 11
Hydraulic Oil AW 46
Rykon Oil AW 46
Humble Hydraulic 1194
Humble Hydraulic H 46
Humble Hydraulic M46
Nuto H46
Nuto H48
Rando HD 46
Mega Flow AW Hydraulic 68 SAE20,ISO68 Hydraulic Oil AW 68
Hydraulic Oil Heavy Medium
DTE 26
AW Hydraulic 68
Tellus 33
Tellus 68
Tellus 933
Tellus Plus 68
AW Hydraulic Oil 68
AW Machine Oil 68
EP Machine Oil 68
EP Machine Oil 70
Humble Hydraulic 1197
Humble Hydraulic H68
Nuto H54
Nuto H68
Rando HD 68
Ecoterra 32 SAE10,ISO32
DTE Excel 32
Tellus S 32
Clarity Hydraulic AW 32 Terrastic EP 32 Rando Hd Ashless
PowerTran Infilrex 499
Mobilfluid 300
Mobilfluid 350
Donax T-4
Donax TD
Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
1000 THF
|All Weather THF
Hydraul 550
Torque Fluid 56
TDH Special

This document was prepared using the most up-to-date reference information available.
Although most of these products are interchangeable in most applications, the best product recommendation is achieved from a thorough review of the equipment and understanding of the application. BuySinopec makes no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy of the information contained herein, and disclaims any and all liability relating to or resulting from sole use of this cross-reference guide and its interpretations.

SAE-Society of Automotive Engineers
ISO-International Standards Organization