NLGI 00 EP Grease is a semi-fluid gear lubricant developed to meet the highest requirements of industrial gearboxes allowing long life trouble free operation.


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  • Replaces: Snapper: 1-1050, 61017, 7061017, 7061017YP
  • Size: 5-Gal. 55-Gal. 275-Gal. 
  • Used in transmissions, gear boxes, and disc drives that specifically call for a grease of this consistency


  • Small industrial gear units
  • Worm gears : the low steel/tin-bronze frictional characteristics of Shell Tivela GL 00 make it particularly suitable for worm gears having this combination of alloys.
  • Steel/Aluminium-bronze : 00 is not recommended for the combination steel/aluminium-bronze, for which a grease based on a higher viscosity mineral oil is preferred.
  • Flushing and filling with 00 : NLGI 00 is a Lithium based lubricant and must not be mixed with mineral oils. Care should be taken when changing over from oil or conventional grease. Flushing with a thin mineral oil will ensure, as far as possible, freedom from solid contaminants and deterioration products resulting from previous use of gear oils or greases. It is important to ensure that none of the flushing oil remains in the gearbox. When refilling the gearbox with 00 grease every precaution should be taken to ensure complete cleanliness. For optimum performance from both gearbox and lubricant, only the amount recommended by the gearbox manufacturer should be used.
  • Paints : High quality red lead or epoxy resin paints are recommended for use in contact NLGI 00, as the \l component will tend to attack certain conventional paints.
  • Seals : 00 grease may be used satisfactorily with all normal seal materials. Leather seals are not recommended as the natural fats tend to be removed, leaving the seals thin and brittle.

Performance Features

  • Small industrial gear boxes can be lubricated for life with this semi-fluid grease.
  • Reduced power consumption and lower bulk lubricant temperature
  • Lower start up torque compared with a conventional grease
  • Reduced lubricant leakage : top up usually not required
  • The load carrying capacity of the base oil in 00 is extremely good. In steel-steel scuffing tests using the IAE gear rig, under standard conditions, the load carrying capacity is some 65% higher than an equi-viscous mineral oil, without using EP additives.
  • Use of a proven product with excellent track records in many types of gear boxes (David Brown, SEW, Leroy-Somer, etc.) in severe service and wide range of operation conditions.
Operating Temperature Range
  • Lubricants exposed to high temperatures and air will inevitably oxidise resulting in the formation of lacquer and sludge and inefficient operation due to an excessive increase in viscosity.

NLGI 00 has excellent oxidation stability. It produces no lacquer or sludge and does not increase in viscosity under normal operating conditions. It consequently provides much better performance at high temperatures than conventional gear greases.