Sinopec L-TSA 46 Turbine Oil - 55 Gallon Drum

SKU 709201

Free Delivery! L-TSA 46 Turbine Oil

55 Gal Barrel

Sinopec L-TSA Turbine Oil is available in ISO viscosity grades 32, 46, and 68. Formulated with high-quality base oil and selected additives, it offers good oxidation stability and corrosion protection along with good demulsibility, antifoaming and air release properties. Pack Size: 55 Gallon Drum (200L Volume) 

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    • Chevron GST Oil
      Mobil DTE
      Shell Turbo T 46
  • Certifications+
    • Alstom Power 11118.1 (L-HG), ASTM 4304 Rev A Type 1, DIN 51515 L-TD, DIN 51524 Part 1, GB 11120-89, GE GEK-28143A, GE GEK-46506D, JIS K-2213 Type 2 with add, Siemens Power Generation TLV 9013 04
  • Applications+
    • Sinopec L-TSA 46 Turbine Oil is suitable for use in:
    • Steam turbines used in industrial power generation.
    • Large to moderate marine steam turbine propulsion machinery and associated auxiliary equipment.
    • Industrial steam turbines, gas turbines and water turbines.
    • Circulating systems, anti-friction bearings, enclosed gears, hydraulic units and other industrial applications, providing there is no requirement for anti-wear additives.
  • Features and Benefits+
    • Good oxidation stability prolongs the service life of the oil and increases services intervals.
    • Good air release properties protect against air entrainment and ensure optimum oil film thickness, protecting equipment components.
    • Good anti-foaming properties avoid the build up of foam, and reduce oil leakage from the system.
    • Good water separation properties ensure that any water contamination can be easily separated from the oil, protecting equipment against rusting and corrosion and extending oil life.
    • Anti-rust and corrosion prevention properties further protect equipment from rusting and corrosion, and extended equipment life.
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