TO-4 SAE 30W Power Transmission Fluid

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Prices: TO-4 30WT

Designed specifically for transmission, wet disc brakes and final drives.

Substantially improved friction and anti-wear performance compared to CD/TO-2 fluids.

Longer equipment life and reduced risk of field failure. Formulated to provide controlled friction performance with several different friction modifiers (both metallic and non-metallic).

Eliminate field failure problems experienced with CD/TO-2 fluids such as excessive brake noise, weakening of the binder in paper materials and embrittlement of elastomeric materials for trouble free equipment life. Stable frictional performance over vehicle life.

No degradation of frictional performance or clutch slippage, even under high loads on an incline. Excellent oxidative stability control as shown by performance in Allison C- 4/Dexron II Oxidation Test (THOT).

Sludge control prevents deposits from blocking lubricating passages. Excellent final drive protection for gears. Margin of safety for severe service. Excellent protection in hydraulic systems to include high pressure systems.

Versatility of fluid for consolidation in on and off-highway equipment. Protection against copper corrosion and rust. Equipment parts run “clean” for trouble free operation. Maximum foam protection.

Ensures no fluid loss to foaming, even with water contamination. Protection against fluid overflow and fire hazards for worker safety.

Excellent low temperature fluidity Easier starts with less wear at cold temperatures for longer transmission life and increased worker productivity.