Polyurea Grease is recommended for use in the following applications:

  •   Electric motor bearings especially high output (horsepower), high load electric motors

  •   Unsealed electric motor bearings operating under moist conditions

  •   Fin fan bearings

  •   High-temperature pump bearings

  •   Sealed-for-life bearings

  •   Antifriction bearings operating at high speeds (10,000 rpm and greater)

  •   Automotive wheel bearings, chassis parts and underhood applications such as alternators, air conditioner compressor clutch bearings, water pumps and idler pulleys.

  •   Ball or roller bearings operating at high temperatures where low oil separation is required.

  •   Constant velocity joints

  •   Agitator bearings in washing machines

  •   Bearing applications requiring a high-temperature, extreme pressure, long life


  •   Applications where low noise operations are beneficial or required


Emalube Polyurea Grease, NLGI 0-1 - 35LB. (5 Gallon) Pail

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Polyurea grease are specically designed to help improve equipment reliability by solving many high-temperature lubrication challenges in a wide variety of applications. The exceptional combination of engineered oils plus advanced polyurea thickener, coupled with a high- performance additive system, helps provide problem-free equipment operation that can reduce maintenance costs and keep your productivity soaring. In addition to providing excellent severe-application lubrication.


Outstanding performance in general industry and food processing applications.

Polyurea greases are developed to bring high-temperature, severe-service solutions to the market. They have demonstrated excellent load-carrying capabilities, and rust and corrosion protection, without compromising long grease life in severe applications such as steam-saturated atmospheres or dusty environments with continuous operating temperatures up to 160°C (320°F). The polymer-enhanced formulation provides outstanding resistance to water washout and oil bleeding at high temperatures. Ideal for lubrication of equipment in the food processing, chemicals, plastics, and steel industries, such as kilns, ovens, and steam-heated machinery.


Case Study on Polyurea Grease


New Polyurea Grease Prolongs Life of Electric Motors





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