Blue High Temp Lithium Complex Grease, HPXT is a Heavy Duty automotive/truck chassis grease for both high temperature and low temperature applications, as well as severe service conditions such as shock loading and where water contamination is possible.  The grease is extremely tacky and will stay in place even with high centrifugal forces  This grease also has a wide range of industrial applications.  The NLGI 2 grease is recommended for most lubrication applications. Excellent structural stability, long services life and excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation to protect machinery from wear and tear. Appearance is blue and stringy and buttery.  Operating temperatures between –22°F to +355°F.  Dropping Point of 620°F.


Compare to: Mobil XHP222

Certifications: NLGI GC-LB, NLGI 2

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  • Wheel bearings, particularly those operating under the high-temperature, high-load conditions that are caused by braking at high speed.
  • Bearings operating under high loads or shock loads and at high temperatures, for example in the metallurgical industry, where an extreme pressure grease and water resistance is required.
  • General lubrication of chassis points (e.g. shackles, tie rod ends, steering knuckles, control arms and king pins), electric motors and water pumps of passengers cars, buses and trucks.
  • Applications requiring an NLGI GC-LB wheel bearing and chassis grease where the operating temperature range is between –30°C and +180°C.

Features and benefits

  • Lithium complex soap thickener ensures a high dropping point, which means that the grease can be used at higher temperatures in severe service applications (operating temperature range is from –30°C to +180°C), and also confers excellent mechanical stability so that the grease structure does not break down in service.
  • Excellent adhesive properties ensure the grease sticks to metal surfaces even under high-temperature conditions, and provides an optimum oil film thickness to protect the moving parts and provide long service life.
  • Excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties protect heavily loaded or shock-loaded bearings from wear, extending equipment life.
  • Excellent water resistance means that the grease stays in place and is not washed or sprayed off in wet conditions, reducing the need for frequent re-application.
  • Excellent protection against rusting and corrosion ensures long component life, and extends maintenance intervals.
  • Good thermal and oxidation stability ensure longer grease life under high-temperature conditions, providing optimum lubrication, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance requirements.
  • The consistency meets the requirements of wheel bearing applications, and avoids the grease being flung out of the bearing by centrifugal forces, so ensuring longer relubrication intervals.