AW-46 Hydraulic Fluid | Contains effective anti-wear agents that minimize wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane & gear pumps & recommended for all industrial & mobile hydraulic system applications where an anti-wear mineral oil is recommended.

Hydraulic Fluid - 55 GAL - AW46 | Delivered Prices


AW Hydraulic Oil is premium grade oil designed for use in all hydraulic systems where anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended. All grades are rust and oxidation inhibited and contain an effective anti-wear additive and anti-foam additives to release entrained air rapidly. 


  • Oxidation Control: Excellent oxidation and thermal stability reduces sludge and varnish providing protection of critical components while extending oil and equipment life
  • Wear Protection: The premium anti-wear technology provides protection that passes major hydraulic equipment manufacturers pump tests resulting in longer life
  • Filterability: Superior hydrolytic stability with quick water separation provides protection against filter plugging and deposits
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection: Reduced maintenance due to outstanding rust and corrosion prevention capabilities when moisture is present
  • Foam Control: A special anti-foam agent promotes the rapid break up of foam and reduces air entertainment
  • High Viscosity Index: The shear stability of AW Hydraulic Oil provides exceptional viscosity stability, resulting in consistent operation throughout wide temperature ranges and drain intervals
  • Ultra Clean: Additional filtering provides ultra clean oils in selected viscosity grades for maximum system protection
  • Reserve Quality: AW hydraulic oils have the ability to maintain their high level of performance under the toughest operating and extended drain conditions



Owners and operators of:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
  • General Purpose Lubrication
  • Oil-Bath Air Cleaners
  • Hand Oilers for Machine Parts, Bearings, Cams, Gears, etc.