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For Sale | AW-150 Hydraulic fluid | AW-100 Hydraulic Fluid | 55-Gal, 275-Gal

For Purchase (ISO-VG-100) (ISO-VG-150) Free Delivery / Free Shipping / Price: 55Gal-$475.00 / Price: 275Gal-$2,375.00 

Call: 1-855-405-6789

ANTI-WEAR HYDRAULIC OIL (AW100, AW150) is recommended for service in vane, piston and gear pumps when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also recommended for use in gear and bearing lubrication in industrial applications where rust and oxidation inhibiter oils are required. The oils are designed to provide maximum service life to these pumps as well as to other circuit components such as motors and most other hydraulic systems.

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