Dot 3 Brake Fluid is formulated for high performance under the most stressful conditions.  Tough enough for the biggest trucks. ERBP of 500°F.



Sinopec DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid is suitable for use in:

  • Hydraulic disc, drum and anti-skid brakes and clutch systems of all passenger cars and commercial vehicles that require a DOT 3 performance synthetic fluid.

Caution: do not use where a mineral oil-based fluid or a DOT 5 silicone-based fluid is required.


Features and benefits

  • High wet and dry equilibrium reflux boiling point (ERBP) minimizes vapour formation on braking at high-speed or highload
  • conditions and maintains the fluid’s hydraulic properties, thus ensuring good braking performance.
  • Borate ester in the formulation acts as a water scavenger and helps to maintain the ERBP during service, so
  • maintaining the quality of braking performance as the fluid ages.
  • Good fluidity, even at low temperatures, enables optimum braking performance.
  • A buffered alkaline pH protects iron and steel-containing system components from acidic corrosion, ensuring long
  • component life.
  • Selected corrosion inhibitors protect aluminium, copper, zinc and tin-containing system components from corrosion,
  • ensuring long life.
  • Good compatibility with common seal materials used in braking systems minimizes fluid leakage and reduces
  • component wear caused by inadequate lubrication, ensuring good braking performance.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability properties prevent fluid breakdown and deposit formation, maximizing fluid life
  • and performance.
  • Fully compatible with other brake fluids that meet the DOT 3 or DOT 4 specifications also compatible with DOT 5.1.