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Sinopec Tulux CF30 is a heavy duty engine oil for on an off highway applications.  High TBN for maximum service life and severe conditions.  Suitable for diesel engines for marine, power generation, excavators, power dozers and mining equipment.  Straight 30 weight, suitable for 2 or 4 stroke engines.

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Delo 400

Cat DEO Monograde



Sinopec Tulux CF30 Diesel Engine Oil is suitable for:
  • Engines of complex fuel (e.g. with high sulphur content), or engines of low speed and high torque output especially.
  • Diesel engines of power generation units, dozers, excavators, mining equipment, construction machinery and so on.
  • Non-direct injection diesel engines requiring oils of CF grade (including CD and CC).


Features and benefits

  • Providing better anti-wear protection than CD grade diesel engine oil, further decreasing wear of engine, effectively prolonging service life of engine.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy, ensuring engines clean when using various kinds of fuel, and effectively preventing piston ring sticking.
  • Good thermal oxidation stability and detergency property, ensuring the oil do not break down at high temperatures, keeping the engine clean and extending component life.
  • Appropriate formulation system, effectively reducing consumption of engine oil.
  • Good anti-foaming property, ensuring sufficient oil supply.