(FREE SHIPPING - $699.00) SAE 15W-40 Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil. Sinopec Tulux T500 15W-40 Classic Diesel Engine Oil is suitable for use in:
Both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles operating under severe conditions, such as long-distance or urban traffic vehicles.
Off-highway applications in the mining, quarrying, construction and agricultural industries.
Industrial power generation engines.
Heavy duty diesel engines operating continuously under heavy or high load-factor conditions.
Mixed fleet use.

Features and benefits

Formulated with hydrocracked high viscosity index base oils, which provide improved oxidation control.
Outstanding soot and deposit control provide protection against piston deposits and valve train wear, and ensure engine cleanliness and smooth running.
Excellent control of aeration and foaming ensures protection of engine parts.
High-quality base stocks and an advanced additive system work to reduce the build up of sludge and reduce oil thickening, thereby keeping the product in grade for longer and extending oil life.