Buy Sinopec is your preferred supplier of lubricants and greases. With our own R&D laboratories and state-of-the-art blending plants, we offer customer-specific solutions that cover all lubricating needs for every application.

In May 2013, Sinopec with Shell and Total invested to form a joint venture to build a terminal with an annual handling capacity of approximately 1.8 million tons and a base oil and lubricant tank area with a total tank capacity of approximately 44 million gallons. Specialized in production, sales and technical services. BuySinopec products are made in Singapore, Canada and the United States. Products available are supplied in liters or kilograms; pails 18L & 17kg, kegs 54kg, drums 200L & 180kg, totes 1000L.

Sinopec products are blended at their new state-of-the-art plant in Singapore and designed to perform under the toughest conditions. Sinopec's products have been designed and developed in conjunction with the major global OEMs and with direct input from its North American customers. Every year in recent times, Sinopec has ranked among the world's largest oil and gas companies and is currently the largest energy company in the world by turnover (Forbes). Sinopec produces more than 1.46 million tons of packaged lubricants per year from 12 lube oil & grease blending and manufacturing branches and 2 major R&D Centers around the world. Sinopec supplies over 2000 kinds of lube oils and greases across all 21 major product categories.

The quality of Sinopec lubricants meets or exceeds the performance of the best, well-known products in the market. Sinopec advantages are its products in quality, durability, and value for money. All Sinopec products meet and exceed the requirements of special specification standards of ISO, API, etc. Sinopec has technical partnerships with many of the world's best-known automotive OEMs including Daimler-Chrysler, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN and many other global brands. Sinopec's products go head-to-head with the best, well-known products on the market. More often than not they're exceeding performance standards. Whether that be mining, transport, agriculture, earth moving, Sinopec manufactures the full range of oils and greases for your machinery.