S2 Shock Absorber Oil

SKU 754201

As a special product dedicated to automobile shock absorber, SINOPEC Automobile Shock Absorber Oil is blended with highly refined base stock with high viscosity index and multi-functional additives. Product with different specification may be selected according to recommended service life of shock absorber.

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Sinopec AS 12 Shock Absorber Oil is suitable for use in:

  • Suitable for hydraulic shock absorber for all vehicles under various heavy duty severe conditions or racing applications.
  • Features and Benefits
  • Outstanding high/low temperature properties, with application conditions of all weather and biotemperature, propitious application at temperature of -45ºC  to 50ºC 
  • High viscosity index, super viscosity and temperature properties, ensuring outstanding viscosity stability
  • Super strong anti-oxidation ability, effectively prolonging service life of parts in shock absorber
  • Outstanding anti-wear, anti-friction properties, effectively protecting parts of shock absorber
  • Unique balanced formulation system, good foam stability and rubber compatibility, ensuring normal and smooth application of parts in shock absorber performance specification
  • The product meets the following specifications: Q/SH303 094-2007
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