Sinopec L-HG 68 Machine Way Oil - 55 Gallon Drum

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Sinopec L-HG Slide-way Oil is a range of products formulated from high-quality mineral oils and an advanced additive system to provide the special frictional properties required for the lubrication of machines with combined hydraulic and slideway systems. Pack Size: 55 Gallon Drum (200L Volume) 

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Chevron Vistac ISO 68
Mobil Vactra Oil No. 2
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ISO 11158 (L-HG), GB1 11118.1 (L-HG)


Sinopec Slideway / Waylube Oil 68 is suitable for use in:

  • Machine tool slideways, tables and feed mechanisms.
  • Machine tool hydraulic systems.
  • Combined hydraulic and slideway systems that consist of low-to-medium pressure hydraulic systems and high-precision machine tool slideways.
  • Features and Benefits
  • Special frictional characteristics overcome the stick-slip problems and eliminate the “chatter” that can occur with slow-moving slideways and tables, allowing more accurate positioning and improved finish of work pieces.
  • Excellent antiwear performance protects slideways and hydraulic system components and extends their life.
  • Good sideway adhesion provides resistance to fluid wash-off by metal-working fluids.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion in the presence of water-based cutting fluids prolongs the service life of equipment.
  • Readily separates from water-based cutting fluids, to allow easy removal.
  • Fully compatible with common seal materials found in hydraulic systems, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.