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Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

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Sinopec Ester-based Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid 4632 is a range of polyol ester type hydraulic fluids formulated with selected additives, available in four ISO viscosity grades: 32, 46, 68 and 100. This biodegradable and environmentally responsible fluid, which does not contain water, mineral oil or phosphate esters, can be used in place of a conventional antiwear hydraulic fluid in applications where there is a risk of fire or accidental environmental contamination, where it achieves excellent hydraulic fluid performance.

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Sinopec Ester-based Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid 4632 is suitable for use in:

  • Hydraulic applications where there is a risk of fire or of accidental environmental contamination, where a conventional mineral-oil based antiwear hydraulic fluid would present a fire hazard or pollution hazard.
  • Hydraulic applications where a fire-resistant antiwear hydraulic fluid of type ISO 6743/4 HFDU or ISO/FDIS 12922 is required.

Features and benefits

  • High flash point (270°C) and fire point (330°C) make the fluid resistant to fire, offering a safer working environment and greater equipment protection.
  • Excellent antiwear performance in hydraulic pumps and valves when used in accordance with the equipment manufacturers’ reco Collectionsmmendations.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability reduce the formation of deposits and sludge and prevent valve sticking, ensuring longer system life and extended drain intervals.
  • High shear stability means the fluid stays in grade and is not broken down in service.
  • Very high viscosity index (VI > 180) provides outstanding viscosity–temperature performance compared to conventional mineral oil (VI ~ 100) and phosphate ester (VI < 0) hydraulic fluids.
  • Good lubricity properties, provided by the polyol ester fluid, protect hydraulic components from wear.
  • Compatible with iron, steel, and most non-ferrous metals and their alloys.
  • Wide operating temperatures range – from –20°C to 90°C.
  • Suitable for use in hydraulic systems operating at a constant pressure of >40 MPa.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and contains no hazardous ingredients, so safe to use and handle.
  • Readily biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic life, so suitable in applications where accidental spillage or leakage of fluid is possible.
  • Excellent storage stability and long product life – comparable to conventional mineral oil fluids or polyglycols.