Bar and Chain Oil

SKU 752201

Sinopec Bar & Chain Oil has been formulated to provide maximum protection and thickness over a wide high temperature range. This is super tacky lubricant contains special additives to protect bar and chain against wear and to cling steadfastly and resist sling-off. This product has effectively been used to lubricate roller chains, slides and other equipment in the industrial and agricultural areas where cling, anti-wear performance is required.

Weight: ISO 320, SAE 60


Sinopec Bar & Chain Oil is fortified with tackifier to reduce dripping and sling-off. Foam inhibitors minimize product foaming, and increased anti-wear agents and detergents insure longer bar, chain and sprocket life.

  • Helps reduce heat and friction to extend chain and bar life
  • Contains special inhibitors to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Low pour point provides trouble free operation over a wide temperature range


Sinopec Bar & Chain Oil helps consolidate inventories and provide better lubrication performance for link chains (mechanical or automatic) in all climates. It is the right choice for all makes of chain saws, motorcycles, and farm equipment, as well as industrial use and link chains where applications require high quality bar and chain oil.

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