20W-50 Engine Oil - 55 Gallon Drum


Sinopec 20W50 Engine Oil is formulated with highly refined base oils and a high-quality multifunctional additive system. This multipurpose oil can be used in many petrol and diesel passenger cars and light vehicles operating under normal or elevated ambient operating conditions, providing excellent engine protection.

Lead time: 45-60 days from purchase

$299.00 PRICE: Minimum 80 drums per order 

Sinopec Justar J500 20W-50 Engine Oil is suitable for use in:

 Petrol engines in present and earlier passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans and light trucks working under normal operating conditions and following vehicle manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures.

 Direct and indirect injection diesel engines, which may be naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, working under high loads.

 Older vehicle engines requiring a heavier viscosity crankcase oil. Features and benefits

 High-quality mineral base oils in combination with an advanced additive system provide protection against engine sludge formation and build up, reducing oil thickening, thereby keeping the product in grade for longer and extending oil life.

 Higher oil viscosity ensures good protection of metal surfaces at higher temperatures, protecting against engine wear.

 Low oil evaporation loss leads to reduced oil consumption and reduced exhaust emissions.

 The formulation provides good control of piston and ring deposits; and excellent antiwear performance protects against engine wear, prolonging engine service life.

 Formulated to protect and extend the life of three-way catalytic converters.

 Good elastomer compatibility ensures longer gasket and seal life, and prevents oil leakage.