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Two-Stroke CF-2, CD II - SAE 40 Diesel Oil

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Sinopec TULUX CF-2 (SAE 40) Two Stroke Diesel Engine Oil CF-2T is formulated with high-quality base oil and a multifunctional additive system. Low ash content of 0.69%  minimizes formation of deposits and helping to keep intake ports clean, oxidation resistance to help maximize service life. Suitable for use in Detroit Diesel two-cycle engines (Series 53, 71 and 92). Formulated especially for severe duty, two- cycle diesel engine applications. 

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Compare to: Delo 400, Cat DEO Monograde, Delvac 1630, Rotella T1

Certifications: 11122-2006 (CF), 11121-2006 (SF), CD, Suitable for use in Detroit Diesel two-cycle engines (Series 53, 71 and 92), API: CF-2; Detroit Diesel Series 53, 71, 92


Sinopec TULUX CF-2 Two Stroke Diesel Engine Oil is suitable for use in:

  • Severe duty two-stroke cycle diesel engine applications that require a monograde API CF-2 or CD-II oil.
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent deposit control characteristics reduce the build up of combustion chamber and valve-seat deposits, reducing wear and ensuring effective engine operation.
  • Medium-ash formulation reduces the incidence of valve guttering.
  • Good thermal and oxidation stability together with good detergency properties, ensure the oil does not break down at high temperatures keeps the engine clean and extends component life.
  • Excellent lubricity and antiwear properties protect against engine wear and extend engine life.
  • Excellent anti-rust performance and acid neutralising properties protect the engine from rust and corrosion.