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Natural Gas Stationary Engine Oil

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Sinopec Stationary GS200-L Stationary Gas Engine Oil (premium) SAE 40 is formulated with high viscosity index hydrogenated base oils and a new type of low-ash additive system. It is specially designed to meet the performance needs of modern highly rated, turbocharged stationary natural gas engines. 

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Sinopec GS200-L Stationary Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is suitable for use in:

  • Highly rated, turbocharged stationary natural gas engines.
  • Gas engines such as those manufactured by Caterpillar, Waukesha.
  • Features and Benefits
  • Modern low-ash additive system reduces damaging carbon deposit formation, prolongs the life of spark plugs and reduces valve wear, and ensures optimum engine performance and power output.
  • Excellent oxidation and nitration resistance protects against thickening and helps the oil stay in grade for longer, so extending oil drain intervals and filter life.
  • Reduced coking protects against the formation of piston undercrown deposits.
  • Good corrosion resistance protects bearings and other engine parts, and extends engine life.
  • Excellent lubricity and antiwear properties protect against engine wear and liner scuffing.
  • Low phosphorus formation ensures catalyst compatibility.
  • Extended oil life reduces maintenance costs.