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Sinopec Certifications

Sinopec Lubricants are made with the highest quality virgin base oil and brand name additives. Factory sealed ensures the purest, highest quality products. Sinopec holds formal OEMs for major manufacturers.

The high level of Sinopec Lubricant Oil quality is based on a rigorous selection of base oils and additives and continuous monitoring for all products.

Throughout the manufacturing process, each batch is subjected to numerous tests and controls designed to verify the highest quality of products. After stringent quality tests, finished products undergo a final meticulous examination by expert engineers to issue an authenticated certificate of analysis to verify performance results.

Sinopec Lubricants are ISO 9001, ISO/TSI6949, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18000 and AS 9100 certified, and blends to API/ACEA/DIN/HSE/JASO quality specifications.



Traceability and Commitment to Quality 

Each oil product has its unique fingerprint. All oil is produced in small batches of 4,000 Liters. Before the oil is packed into the drums, totes, pails & small packs that the customer receives, a sample is taken from each batch. Part of the batch is rigorously tested for quality and product uniformity.  Only products that pass testing will be packaged for sale and issued a certificate of analysis, which is an A+ report card for oil. The rest of the batch sample is stored for 5 years for reference purposes.

Once testing is complete, product is packaged and factory sealed to assure the customer that they are only receiving product that has been tested for quality and are up to factory standards. Each product is stamped with number of the batch of oil it came from, so that it can always be traced back to original oil sample.