How do I Place an Order?
Orders can be placed on our website 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Want to email or talk to a sales person? BuySinopec.com welcomes you to contact our Sales Department to chat with our knowledgeable representatives:
What Payment Options do you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal, and wire transfers. Debit cards are welcome but before making any large purchase, you may want to check with your card’s issuer to make sure you are not exceeding your card’s daily or transactional limit. We accept purchase orders from government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations. All purchase orders are subject to credit approval. Please contact our sales department for all purchase order inquiries.
How will I know my Order is Confirmed?
A confirmation displaying an order number will appear on the checkout page immediately after your order is submitted. If an order confirmation did not appear after the final submit button, we may have received your order, but communication from our server to your computer was interrupted. Please contact customer service to verify if your order had been received.
You will also receive an order confirmation via email after completing your order online or by phone. An email address is required so that we may keep you informed on the status of your order. Please recognize that your ISP or email client may have a filter that is preventing the email confirmation from getting through to you. Please check your Junk Mail folder and/or turn off your Spam Filter to allow e-mail from info@buysinopec.com.
We will never share your email address with unrelated 3rd party except as necessary to fulfill transactions that you initiate.
How long does it take to Process my Order?
It may take approximately one or two business days to process an order before it ships, provided that the merchandise is in stock and that we are able to complete the address verification and payment process. The estimated time of arrival is determined by the chosen method of shipping and the carrier's local delivery guidelines.
How do I check my Order Status and Tracking Information?
You can check the status of your order on our website at anytime by signing in to My Account. Enter your email address and password to view the status of all existing and previous orders. You may also contact our Customer Support for order status information.
How do I Change or Cancel an Order?
You may request an order change or cancellation by phone as long as it has not been processed for shipping.  Since orders are usually processed quickly, notifying us of an order change or cancellation via email is not recommended, as we may not get to your request in time. Please contact our Customer Support line at (855) 405-6789 to request a change or cancellation.
If your order was shipped before you requested a cancellation or before any changes could be made, you can refuse delivery and we will refund you for the purchase less our shipping and processing cost.
If the order payment was through check or money order, we will refund you by check after 21 business days following the receipt of your check or money order.
We are unable to reinstate an order once it has been cancelled. You may place a new order subject to our current availability and pricing.
Are all orders accepted without limitations?
Any order confirmation (electronic or paper receipt) given to you through BuySinopec.com does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of an offer to sell. BuySinopec.com reserves the right to decline and cancel an order, or supply less than quantity ordered at any time.
Can I change the Shipping Address of my order?
Once an order has passed our verification process, the shipping address cannot be changed if it is different than the billing address. You may cancel the existing order, provided that it hasn't been processed for shipping, and place a new order with a different shipping destination.
Is it safe to enter my credit card information?
Ordering online at BuySinopec.com is safe and easy – guaranteed! Our secure servers will protect your information using the most advanced encryption and firewall technology throughout the ordering process. Our Web site protects the security of personal information transmitted which encrypts the information you input during the transmission to us using a unique session key. These layers of privacy protection ensure that information cannot be viewed even if intercepted by unauthorized parties.