$29 Each - Sinopec AW 46 Hydraulic Oil Fluid (ISO VG 46, SAE 15) - (36) 5 Gallon Pails

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Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 46 is a premium midweight paraffinic based hydraulic oil, ideal for industrial or equipment applications.  It's a multipurpose hydraulic, suitable for most hydraulic needs.  It is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited oil with the added benefit of an anti-wear additive package for protection.  Approved for industrial applications requiring an ISO VG 46. Pack Size: (36) 5 Gallon Pails (18L Volume)

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      ISO 11158-HM, DIN 51524 Part 2, Cincinnati P70, Easton Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S, Parker-Denision HF-2


      Sinopec Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Fluid L-HM 46 is suitable for use in:

      • Hydraulic applications in a wide variety of industrial, marine and mobile equipment.
      • Vane and gear pumps operating under high loads, as recommended by pump manufacturers.
      • Severe service hydraulic systems, employing axial and radial piston pumps, as recommended by pump manufacturers.
        Features & Benefits
        • High-quality base oils combined with multi-functional additive technology provide outstanding anti-wear properties, rust protection, low varnish and deposit formation, good demulsibility, oxidation resistance, good anti-foam properties and fast air release properties, to protect and extend the life of hydraulic pumps and systems.
        • Good hydrolytic stability and filter-ability, ensure optimum product life and performance, and prevent filter blocking.
        • The wide selection of viscosity grades ensures that the optimum viscosity can be used for any hydraulic system operating temperature.
        • Fully compatible with common seal materials usually found in hydraulic systems, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.