$280 Each - Sinopec Green HD Coolant/Antifreeze 50/50 - (4) 55 Gallon Drums

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Sinopec FD-2 Green SCA 50/50 Antifreeze & Coolant, 55 gallon drum is a Fully Formulated, ethylene glycol-based coolant, precharged with advanced technology Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs). Because it is SCA precharged, it requires no SCAs at initial fill and ensures proper chemistry at every top-off. Fleet Charge SCA 50/50 Antifreeze & Coolant, 55 gallon drum uses a low silicate and phosphate-free formulation. This product also has the following benefits: Works in ALL heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engine cooling systems. Optimum protection against freezing and boil over. Provides corrosion protection of all cooling system metals and components. Incorporates nitrite to provide wet sleeve liner protection against cavitation. Designed to last the life of the engine when maintained with a high quality SCA filter system. Eliminates SCA mixing errors at initial fill. Phosphate free formula reduces the risk of scale.

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  • ASTM D 4985-05, ASTM D 3306-05, SH/T 0521-1999
  • Sinopec FD-2 Coolant/Antifreeze is suitable for use in:
  • Heavy duty trucks or passenger cars requiring engine coolant.
  • Providing outstanding and durative high temperature anti-corrosion protection for aluminum alloy of modern engines and cast iron liner of diesel engines, suitable for engines fueled by gasoline, diesel, LPG and CNG.
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent cooling ability, suitable for cooling system of various vehicles in cold weather.
  • Outstanding anti-corrosion property, providing excellent high temperature anti-corrosion protection for aluminum heat conductive surface in automotive engine.
  • With low freezing point and high boiling point, realizing all day long protection for engines used year round, providing anti-freeze protection at minimum temperature of -36° C, and anti-boil protection at maximum temperature of 109° C.
  • After simulated service corrosion test of 1176h, the test piece still looks new, demonstrating perfect performance.