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Anyone Use Sinopec Oil? Using Sinopec Motor Oil Hydraulic Fluid Transmission Fluid Gear Lube Antifreeze Coolant Grease

Sinopec makes it to the third position of Fortune Global 500! 

Published on 11 July 2014

Sinopec moved up a rank to replace Exxon Mobil as the world’s third largest company.

As Sinopec’s largest overseas company, accounting for one third of Sinopec’s overseas production and playing a key role amongst SIPC subsidiaries, Addax Petroleum welcomes this announcement and looks forward to more progress in the upcoming years.

Sinopec has an ambitious international growth strategy with an overseas production objective of one million bopd –Addax Petroleum is spearheading this development with an ambitious external and internal growth strategy focused on reinvestment in core assets and strategic acquisitions.

Sinopec was ranked behind Wal-Mart Stores and Royal Dutch Shell and ahead of Beijing-based China National Petroleum.

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